About Us

How Bubba Baby started

I'm from Dublin and an arts and crafts enthusiast mom of three who is all about making life easier and keeping my babies safe. I have a passion for design, colours and an eagerness to create. I learnt how to sew on maternity leave of baby number two, its something I always wanted to know how to do and thinks its a fabulous skill to possess.

I saw a way to express myself through colour and patterns with my regular old pram and the only way to do so cost effectively was source material and create covers for myself.

Friends started asking me to make them a Bubba Baby to protect their beautiful bundles, which brings me happiness on many levels. Everything is made by me, so made with love.

Bubba Baby Cover has a multiple uses

 Pram/Car Seat Cover

​Breast Feeding Cover

​Trolley Cover

...and many more uses please see Instagram and Instagram HIGHLIGHTS